Summits and Conferences and Interviews….OH MY!

by amanda on December 16, 2012

I have been quite busy lately and  wanted to let all of you know what has been going on. I frequently go to high schools and local area companies to speak but it has been getting progressively bigger. I want to start off by saying just how incredibly humbled I am to have this  ability to help and try to save as many lives as possible. I feel honored that I can use my experiences and speaking abilities to try to make a difference for our country.

On October 15th  I spoke at Operation Safe Driver Media Event in Yonkers, NY. I worked closely with theCommercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA)and spoke about how I personally hit the back of a Tractor Trailer. I was joined by both executives and NY State Police. It was a wonderful opportunity and I met several wonderful people but the whirlwind adventure was just beginning. I was almost home to resume “typical adult responsibilities” and classes when I received a phone call. It was a phone call saying that CBS NYC wanted to do an interview with me. I was only home for a day when I turned around and went right back to NY for an interview with Amy Dardashtian.

I spoke at a youth run Teen Distracted Driving Summit in Washington, D.C. through the National Organization of Youth Safety (NOYS) and it. was. INCREDIBLE! I was surrounded by both amazing, dedicated teens and also other people with the same mission as me. It felt great to have that opportunity and I look forward to working with NOYS as much as possible. There were several interviews done that day and I spoke to radio stations, news stations (including CNN) and newspapers. I felt so honored to be among such bright teenagers and motivated people.

I just recently spoke with the Executive Director of NOYS and she helped get me in touch with Jane Shin Park from Teen Vogue. I have an interview with her in January. I’m SOOOO excited about this!!! It’s these sort of things that completely humble me. I also have a conference in Tennessee in March called the Lead and Live Youth Conference.  I will also be working locally for the Center for Traffic Safety.

Like I said, it has been absolutely hectic and wonderful. I am so glad that all of you having been reading and seemingly enjoying my posts. I will try to stay diligent and keep all of you posted. If you have any questions, please just comment and ask. If I don’t get to you right away, don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about you. Thank you all so much for your support!

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