My Journey at Central Penn College Comes to a Close

by amanda on March 21, 2014

As I reflect on my time at Central Penn College and the class I took called Projects in Corporate Communications, I think about how far I have come on this journey. I started school and this class with one objective in mind and that was finishing. Now that I am concluding my final term and looking back at all I’ve accomplished I can’t help but to get a tad misty eyed over the idea that I’m done. I have grown fond of the faculty and staff who have both educated me and turn me into the professional woman that I can proudly say I am. My school wasn’t huge and my major was even smaller so I often sat in the classroom with the same peers four days a week. I learned about their backgrounds, their dreams, and even some of their fears. I have come to respect most of these individuals and feel a certain kind of bitter sweetness in all of us going our separate ways.

I value the things I’ve learned and the connections I’ve made at Central Penn College. I know that career is just beginning to really take off and I’m elated for what lies ahead. I quickly approach graduation and I will be graduating with honors and with an almost 4.0 GPA. I am proud and I am motivated. I have come so far from where I started and who I thought was just a few short years ago. I am looking forward to continue to work on the project I began in Projects of Corporate Communications Class and trying to get published. I look forward to continuing my career as a public speaker and what looks like a promising career in my field.

I don’t question if I will make it but how far I can take it. I’ve experienced so much growth during my time at Central Penn College and I know the blossoming is just beginning. I don’t know where I will end up or what I will be doing in another twenty years. If Central Penn has taught me nothing else though, they’ve taught me that I can only be held back by myself and if you work hard with big enough dreams, anything can happen. I’m ready to see what that anything is.

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Michelle Polk November 1, 2015 at 11:46 pm


As a human being I am moved and inspired by your story. As a mother, I am so proud of you! I have a 20 year old daughter and I can only thank God that her path has not been as challenging as yours. But graduating Summa cum laude?! That’s just amazing. But I also must tell you, as a professional who is writing a curriculum for Distracted Driving, I am compelled to share your story. The curriculum I am working on will be used for both adults and students who have been charged with Distracted Driving, or need to be educated on the topic as a measure of prevention.

I am asking permission to use your picture along with related images to impress upon people the damage that Distracted Driving can cause to individuals, families and our communities.

Please let me know if you will allow this. Also, keep being so extraordinary and best wishes in your bright future!

Michelle Polk, MA
Technical Writer


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