My Plan for Project Career Jump-start

by amanda on January 23, 2014

My project is a little different from what some of my peers are doing, because whereas they are considering career options for our pending graduation, I have already started mine. That being said, when I first started to develop my project with my professor I was at a loss for how to go about what was being asked of me. I’m fortunate to have had the opportunity to brainstorm with not only my professor for the class but some of the faculty who will ultimately help be my guidance in the project. We determined it would be most beneficial for me to work on the overall plan for publishing my memoir.

I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with the talented and published professor, Maria Thiaw. I will also be working with our English department on creating a well-edited excerpt and query letter for the publishers most suitable to the memoir I am writing. Diligence and perseverance have served me well thus far on my journey and this project will be no exception. It looks as though our collective mind will be going to the drawing board.

I have already gotten the 2013 Writer’s Market book so that I can ensure I am seeking the appropriate contacts for the best possible outcome in regards to the “yes” all writers strive to get. My goal by the end of the term is to have a well-developed query letter that can be sent to the top ten publishers on the list I have created from the book writer’s market book I got today. I want to have my list created with what publishers I intend to contact by the end of four. I want my excerpt to be drafted by week six and to be edited for submission by week eight. The query letter will be done by week nine. If all of these goals are accomplished on this timeframe, then I can send out those letters and excerpts by the end of my term. Wish me luck and please stay tuned as I work towards completing one more part of the goals I have worked so hard to accomplish!

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