My LinkedIn: Reasons for You to Take a Look

by amanda on January 16, 2014

My LinkedIn is something that I value on a higher level than any other social media I have. This doesn’t mean there isn’t merit to my professional business page or the tweets I put out into the twittersphere but LinkedIn offers something unique and different that no other social media can claim. I have a deep appreciation for my ability to access a plethora of knowledge from people all over professional field and possibly even capture glimpses of others that help show me a larger picture. I have at my fingertips the ability to connect with people who have different, and often greater, knowledge than I have on my own. In an age when everything happens faster every day, networking is no exception but no less important. In fact, I’d venture to say it’s even more important because who you know is often half the battle in the professional world today. Why should you check out my LinkedIn? For all of the reasons I just mentioned and because it is a great way to learn about me.

I find that in the professional world there is a balance between being confident enough to share with the world the things you have accomplished and not overdoing it. If you talk to someone about his or her accomplishments and they ramble at great lengths about what they did that was so great, inevitably the conversation ends up feeling monotonous and sometimes even slightly obnoxious. On LinkedIn, the entire purpose is to show the world what you have done professionally. Not only is that beneficial BUT people often take the time to recommend both your skill sets and overall work talents. I am no exception. I would love people (i.e. YOU) to take the time to see what all I have accomplished and what others have said on my behalf. If you have a LinkedIn, I look forward to connecting with you! If you don’t, I suggest you consider it and send me an invitation because I’d love to get connected on a professional level with you.


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