Class Projects Work Toward Dream Reality

by amanda on February 15, 2014

When I began this project I had no idea how much I would learn about the publishing industry. I had no idea it was such a niche market and how specifics publishers can be. It’s actually quite amazing and truth be told, it’s also a little daunting. Did you know there are literally hundreds of publishers and they are looking from works of all kinds, everything from ancient Asian religions to antique cars to how-to books? I have sat and paged through this book for hours and it can be exhausting. It certainly doesn’t inspire feelings of hope. As I sit and thumb through these pages, I feel tiny bits of doubt creeping into the corners of mind. Will anyone want to read my work? Do I have anything worthy of publishing? Just as fast as these unsettling ideas fog my brain I push them away just as quickly. In my lifetime and in my successes I have been many but NEVER a quitter and I’m not going to start now.

I press forward. Admittedly with each step I find myself stumbling backward a little but I shake it off. I know there is still a chance that nobody will want me. I know that I could send thousands of query letters and get no response or interest from any of them. I also know there is always that slight chance that they will. That’s all I need. I just need one interested yes. If I get the yes, another dream of mine will come true. If only three people bought my book then I know I have succeeded. If nobody buys my book or it never gets published at least I know I tried. At the end of the day, that is where all of my success comes from. No matter how many nagging tugs of self-doubt I may have I will always remind myself that this is just beginning.

I have been through too much and worked too hard to decide I can’t or won’t do more. My life has been hectic lately with getting married and making it past the halfway point for my last term in getting my bachelor’s degree while combatting the pains I have from the cold but my life is beautiful and this project and class is just emphasizing that beauty, Perhaps this class isn’t about having that moment of self-appreciation and stepping back to appreciate your accomplishments but I can’t find a single thing wrong with the fact that it is what I am getting out of it. I guess for that I have to say thank you to my professor, Paul Miller, but I have sneaking suspicion he had this planned all along.

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